Meet some of the Hotel Staff

We have more than 120 staff at Poppies. We can't show you all of them, but here are a few friendly faces you might recognise.

Joining us some 26 years ago Melati has managed the Cottages cheerfully and competently for over a decade now. It's rumoured that her laugh can be heard above the traffic on Legian Road.

Luh De assists Melati at Front Desk with quiet efficiency.

Nyoman keeps our IT systems up and running, come what may. He also knows all about graphics.

Without Alit and her team our accounting systems would be a shambles.

The bar at Poppies has been attracting visitors since 1973, and Jeffrey has been doing the welcoming for most of that time. He's a living legend and returning guests seek him out again and again to chat about old times, and he's been given nicknames in several languages as well as English. There's not a lot he doesn't know about cocktail making and shaking, and he has no idea how many thousand coconuts he may have carved for the famous Pina Coladas.

Rico has ably assisted Jeffrey for 30 years, and welcomes returnees with his patent friendly handshake.

Kadek is the friendly restaurant cashier crew's supervisor, and he also handles internet table reservations.

Poppies would not be the same without Kopi, who charms all our guests with her endearingly friendly and helpful personality.

Nyoman is our friendly head waiter and he's been with us 30 years.

Cheerful Man Budi is the restaurant waiters' supervisor, keeping everything up to scratch, and checking the internet table reservations.

Kadek Setia's gentle smile has greeted diners at the restaurant gate for as long as many can remember.

Another of the familiar faces at the restaurant, Sriani will often be the one to escort you to your table.

Charlie actually grew up in Poppies restaurant, and now handles Personnel.

In the temporary absence of a head chef, Ayu Golek currently heads up the sizeable team of cooks and helpers at Poppies restaurant, some of whom have been with us for almost 40 years.

Man War now heads housekeeping with much enthusiasm. Her radiant Poppies smile and desire to please are legendary.

Iluh, Manis, and Umum ably assist Ayu Golek in supervising the kitchen.

Ayu Mama is in charge of making all the drinks that don't contain alcohol.

Our head laundry lady, Rusma, deserves a mention after 28 years of behind-the-scenes service at Poppies.

Budiarta and his team of eight security personnel keep us all safe 24 hours a day.

Made Subawa assists Man War housekeeping.

Our famous gardens would not look anywhere near the same without Nyoman Wenten and his group of green thumbs.

Putra, Gede and Putu. Most holidays at Poppies begin with a friendly airport greeting from one of our three experienced drivers. They all do a wonderful job coping with today's traffic, and will get you safely along Poppies Lane, or around Bali on a day trip in style.

Poppies Restaurant would not function unless Koming was manning the Purchasing Desk, checking deliveries, and popping out to the shop or market.

Our two engineers Dania and Dewa (31 and 18 years at Poppies respectively) keep Poppies running smoothly day and night. They and their team are quick to respond to all emergencies.

One of our most talked about features is the swimming pool. Gus and Ali are the two lads who maintain it as well as taking care of the swimmers and sunbathers.

Biang Buda takes care of the spiritual welfare of everyone and everything at Poppies by placing the little floral offerings to the deities each day.

Here are some members of the team of carpenters, painters, and craftsmen that repair and maintain the parts of Poppies that deteriorate due to wear and tear, and the tropical elements.

Unseen by our guests, Mas Pono has been maintaining the rattan chairs in both the restaurant and the Cottages for many decades.

Of course he’s not a person, and our Barong is named after a mythical Balinese creature representing Good - because he looks like one. Now 14 years old, Barong has given pleasure to many of our guests too, not to mention to our owners.